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Viscose Yarn


Viscose yarn has a wide range of application prospects in the textile industry. Its advantages include wearing comfort, wrinkle resistance, water resistance, moisture absorption and breathability, dyeability and good color fastness, environmental protection and low cost, high strength and wear resistance.

Fabrics woven from viscose yarn are used to produce underwear, outerwear, sportswear, high-end clothing, bedding, decorative items, medical supplies, electrical yellow wax cloth, etc.

We can use open-end spinning, vortex spinning(MVS Spinning), ring spinning, siro spinning, and compact siro spinning to produce viscose yarn. We can produce 6S to 60S yarn counts. Our advantage lies in vortex spun viscose yarn.

We can provide raw white viscose yarn or dyed viscose yarn.

We can use high-quality viscose fibers from Sateri, Lenzing, Sanyou, and Birla, and we have FSC, GRS and other certificates.