To become a first-class supplier of textile raw materials and yarns in China and even in the world.

Cotton Yarn


The advantages of cotton yarn mainly include freshness and breathability, softness and comfort, strong moisture absorption, good moisture retention, good heat resistance, strong alkali resistance and high hygiene. These advantages make cotton yarn widely used in the textile industry, especially in summer clothing, maternal and child products, and occasions that require high breathability and comfort.

We process cotton fibers in three ways: carded, semi-combed, and combed. We can use ring spinning and compact spinning to produce cotton yarn. We can produce yarn counts from 10S to 120S. Our advantage lies in high-count cotton yarn.

We can provide raw white cotton yarn or dyed cotton yarn.

We can use high-quality cotton fibers from China, the United States, Australia, Brazil, Egypt and other countries, and we have BCI, GRS and other certificates.