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Polyester Yarn


As a widely used synthetic fiber yarn, polyester yarn has many significant advantages. For example,high strength: Polyester yarn has high strength and can withstand large tensile forces without breaking easily. The strength of short fiber is 2.6~5.7cN/dtex, and its impact resistance is 20 times higher than that of viscose fiber, so it is strong and durable. Fabrics woven from polyester yarns are resistant to wear and tear. Good elasticity: Polyester yarn has good elasticity and can quickly return to its original shape. Fabrics made of polyester yarn are not easily deformed, wrinkle-resistant and require no ironing. Polyester yarn is resistant to chemicals, has good thermoplasticity, good color stability, is soft and comfortable, and has a rich touch. To sum up, polyester yarn has been widely used in the textile industry due to its advantages such as high strength, wear resistance, good elasticity, chemical resistance, good thermoplasticity, color stability, softness and comfort, and rich touch.

We can use vortex spinning and ring spinning to produce polyester yarn. We can produce yarn counts from 6S to 60S. Our strength lies in vortex spinning polyester yarns.

We can provide raw white polyester yarn as well as dyed polyester yarn.

We can use high-quality polyester fibers from Hengyi, Yizheng, Sanfangxiang and other brands, and we have GRS and other certificates.