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Broadcasted the Cotton yarn production line live

Broadcasted the Cotton yarn production line live
Feb 08, 2023

On February 8th, we broadcasted the production line live for the first time, so that customers who could not come to China could see our factory's capability more clearly and intuitively.


In the process of live broadcasting, we show our processes, production equipment, production scale and detailed explanation of our products from raw materials - cleaning and combing - pre-drawing - combing - final drawing - roving - spinning - auto-winding - automatic packaging - warehouse.


For the cotton yarn production line, we have 600 thousand spindle ring spinning equipment, well-known equipment in the industry, as well as professional testing equipment laboratory of Uster, to ensure quality as the premise, long-term and stable supply.


The live broadcast was successfully concluded. The real-time interaction in the live broadcast room reached 13,830 likes, which is also the driving force for our long-term live broadcast. Such a communication similar to face-to-face communication can centrally and effectively solve customers' problems and resolve the trust problems brought by distance