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Pakistan customer’s visiting to our cotton yarn production line
Jul 19, 2023

Deyuanchang Textile Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the production and sales of cotton yarn, polyester yarn, viscose spun yarn, TC/TR and other blended yarns for more than 10 years. Customers are all over China, Southeast Asia, Europe, etc. Welcome to follow our company and our yarn products.


Recently, customers from Pakistan came to our cotton yarn factory for on-site inspection and business negotiation. High-quality yarn products, considerate service, advanced spinning equipment and spinning technology, and stable high-quality are the important reasons for attracting this customer visit. The general manager and customer manager of the company warmly received the guests from afar on behalf of the company.


Accompanied by the person in charge, the customer visited the cotton yarn factory. During the visit, our accompanying personnel introduced the main products, spinning equipment and process to the customer, and professionally answered the questions raised by the customer. Rich professional knowledge and well-trained working ability have also left a deep impression on customers. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on future cooperation, hoping to achieve win-win and common development in the proposed cooperation projects in the future.


The customer's visit not only strengthened the communication and mutual trust between our company and the customer, but also laid a solid foundation for our products to expand into the international market.


In the future, we will continue to produce high-quality cotton yarn, expand our international market share, and continue to improve and develop!